Video transcript: Jake's journey

Jake: My name is Jake Newstadt. I gambled for over ten years. Particularly, I gambled harmfully for approximately a year of that time.

I started gambling when I was about twelve years old. I just remember from the time I gambled those first couple of dollars at the time on a horse race, feeling that buzz, that adrenaline and excitement.

I started working for an online sports betting provider and in that period was when my gambling really got bad. I was always thinking about it, I was always thinking about betting when I wasn't betting. So if I was out in a social situation, for example, I wasn't present.

If a problem gambler has access, money and time, they will gamble. It is increasingly difficult in an age where all I have to do is pick up my smart phone and have a bet.

The two things that I would say to other people potentially struggling, is try and be as honest with yourself as you can, and speak to somebody.

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