Video transcript: Love the game, not the odds

[Young footy players training and playing on the sports ground with trees in the background]

[Responsible Gambling Foundation CEO Serge Sardo] ‘It’s a whole new environment we’re living in, today, and our youth are growing up in an environment where gambling products are pervasive, new technology is making it really easy to gamble and gambling promotion has exploded. Industry, last year spent about $240 million on gambling advertising and certainly now, we have situation where a whole generation of youth are being encouraged to gamble, probably on an hourly basis, when you consider all the digital forms of gambling.’

[Voice over] ‘Gambling advertising is changing the way our kids see sport. Let’s help them love the game, not the odds.’

[Mother] ‘Furious, I just, t doesn’t need to be every single ad break.’

[The Hon. Marlene Kairouz, Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation] ‘So there is a real concern in our community that advertising is normalising gambling on sport. In recent years, fans of all sporting codes have been bombarded with gambling advertisements and many of us are rightly worried.’

[Serge] ‘We know that 60-70% of underage kids have gambled in any given year. So these are quite alarming statistics. They are suggesting that gambling is becoming quite a normal part of kid’s activities.’

[Father] ‘We get quite frustrated actually, about the level of gambling promotion, in particular the promotion during sport coverage.’

[Serge] ‘The primary message of this campaign is really to help kids get back to loving the game, not the odds. And really, to get parents involved in having that discussion with their kids.’

[Kids playing kick to kick]

[, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation]

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